Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy starring Vice Ganda
“Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy” starring Vice Ganda opens this Friday in US Theaters. For theater details, visit TFC-USA.

Watch the full trailer of “Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy”:

Vice Ganda plays quadruplets of both sexes and different sexual orientations in this Filipino comedy. From the Wikipedia synopsis:

…the girl and the boy grew in the custody of their rich father while the “bakla” (Mark) and “tomboy” (Panying) grew in their poor mother.
But destiny makes a way to make their paths cross in an unexpected way. Two of them meet in the mall (The Girl, (Girlie) and the Gay, (Mark), wherein one of them was arrested after being mistaken as the one who shoplifted an item. But when things go wrong, Dad reveals they are not just twins, but quadruplets. As the four of them meet and their parents confess the truth as to why they were parted, they will be facing another challenge as one of them is in need of a liver transplant. (Peter)