TFC Video-On-Demand vs. Cable

Cut the Cord on Cable TV

Why Choose TFC Video-on-Demand Over TFC Through Your Cable Provider?
Cut Your Cable Bill

  • You’re getting TFC directly from ABS-CBN, cutting out the middle-man
  • Extra costs: federal/state taxes, regulatory fees, installation & shipping
  • Cable providers don’t offer TFC Channels like BRO & the Lifestyle Network

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What Advantages Does Video-on-Demand Have Over DVRs?
Video-on-Demand vs. DVR

  • DVRs must be set – TFC Video-on-Demand automatically records everything
  • DVR playback is 1 show at a time. TFC VOD threads episodes together for non-stop playback of entire seasons
  • DVRs start recording the day you press “record” – TFC VOD goes back in time

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