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Honesto - TFC Video on Demand

Honesto stars Raikko Matteo (Honesto), Paolo Avelino (Diego), Angel Aquino (Lena Layer), Janice De Belen (Lourdes Galang), Nonie Beuncamino (Cleto), Joseph Marco (Elai Galang), Joel Torre (Hugo Layer), Eddie Cargia (Lemuael Galang), Melissa Ricks (Leah Layer), Janna Agoncillo (Abby Layer), Maricar Reyes (Fina Lualhati) and Spanky Manikan (Felipe Lualhati). This TFC teleserye follows the story of a young boy who is allergic to lying. Follow Honesto through family drama as the lies that have been told are revealed, and the families are slowly healed.

Honesto broadcasts on the TFC Channel, and is viewable both live and on-demand. You can get the TFC Channel – and Honesto – with most TFC Packages.
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