TFC + Roku

Why We’re Not on Roku… Yet

We’re Committed to The Lowest Prices

Despite the popularity of streaming boxes like Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV, TFC has invested considerably in its own streaming box, and this means the lowest cost to our kapamilya because there are no middlemen.

When is TFC Coming to Roku?

ABS-CBN/TFC is always examining the feasibility and costs associated with expanding to other digital platforms. While we have no roadmap to announce publicly, keep checking back.

Can I Install the TFC App on Roku?

The TFC App is currently only designed for tablets & smartphones – both Apple and Android. Investing in custom apps for every platform is expensive, and these costs would have to be passed onto our kapamilya. We believe the the most cost-effective solution for our customers are the TFC Streaming Box (full TV experience) and the TFC Apps (on devices).

Why Choose the TFC Streaming Box?

Our box is free, so you’re only paying for the monthly subscription.

Are There Any Alternate TFC Streaming Setups?

With casting technology, you can essentially mirror your TFC App content from a smartphone or tablet. Check out both the TFC via Apple Airplay and TFC via Chromecast options.