TFC Lite Package - $16.99/month

TFC’s Basic package. The TFC Channel & ANC News

Get both the TFC Channel (live and video-on-demand) and ANC (video-on-demand only) with the TFC Lite Package. The vastly popular TFC Channel offers 24-hour Filipino programming. ANC gives you top Filipino news programming. If you miss a program, no need to worry. The TFC Lite Package also comes with the video-on-demand feature, which automatically records shows for you, so you can watch TFC Shows when you want.

TFC Lite – The Basic Package of TFC & ANC

TFC Lite Plan Comes With:


Video on Demand – No need to record shows

Just like Netflix, Apple TV or Roku. Choose what you want, when you want.


Minutes to Set Up. Seconds to Stream.

Installation is easy. Plug it in, connect to your internet, start watching! View Installation instructions


Free Equipment

Commit to one year, and the TFC set top box is free.


Free Shipping

We cover the postage. You enjoy the savings!


Free Activation

No hidden fees. Just your monthly subscription amount.


No Credit Check

Use your debit or credit card for easy automatic billing.

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