Online Access For All Your Devices

All Packages Now Include TFC Everywhere

TFC Everywhere is no longer just for Premium subscribers. All packages come with TFC Everywhere access for the account holder and up to 4 supplemental users. Check out each package for more details.

How To Activate TFC Everywhere

Follow the 4 easy steps below to activate your TFC Everywhere

Step 1

Activation codes will be emailed to you once your subscription is processed

Step 2

Visit and either login or create a new account using the SAME email you subscribed with

Step 3

For Supplementary accounts, have those people create their own accounts and use a unique Activation Code

Step 4

Start watching TFC on your devices – through either the website or TFC App

How to Watch TFC on Devices

Load Into Your Device’s Browser or Download the TFC App for Your Device

TFC App for Android

Smartphones & tablets running Android.
Windows Laptops.

TFC App for Apple/iOS

Smartphones & tablets running Apple iOS.
Mac Laptops.

TFC Everywhere: What is it? How Do I Get it?

Enjoy and watch the same movies, TV shows, music videos, sporting events, news and other Filipino programs from anywhere – on your TVs at home, plus any laptop, tablet or smart phone. Computers or laptops: When you’re away from your TV, watch on a second screen. iPads & Android Tablets: Enjoy while on the couch, in another room or on the road. Smart Phones: Enjoy a quick video or binge watch on the train.