ABS-CBN Sports + Action Channel (formerly BRO)

Action and Heroics Rule the Day on this Made for Champions Network

Loaded with a mix of adventure, action sports, bold travel, leisure shows and comedy, the ABS-CBN Sports + Action Channel presents a welcome escape for overseas active viewers and sports fans who long for a daily dose of thrill and stress-relief.


Leisure Shows

UAAP Basketball


Macho Comedy


Men's Lifestyle


UAAP Volleyball

What Subscription Packages Include The ABS-CBN Sports + Action Channel?

The ABS-CBN Sports & Action Channel - Which Plans Include?

The ABS-CBN Sports + Action Channel is available in 3 TFC Subscription Packages. Start experiencing testosterone-filled adventures, sports and more with The ABS-CBN Sports + Action Channel.

What’s On The ABS-CBN Sports + Action Channel?

We try to update the visual schedule below periodically, but you can always find the complete ABS-CBN Sports information here: All Sports | UAAP Basketball | UAAP Volleyball TFC-USA Full Channel Guide
Miss a game? Don’t worry! All games can be watched on-demand.