We get tons of inquires about whether the TFC Channel is available on Roku or Apple TV. Soon people will be asking if they can get TFC through Amazon’s new FireTV.

The Quick and Easy Answer is NO

ABS-CBN produces all of the content for TFC, and has partnered with specific providers. The preferred method is directly subscribing through a dealer like us – to the TFC Video-on-Demand product. You get more features & lower prices because you’re buying directly from ABS-CBN and not getting hit with middleman pass-through costs. Another alternate method is to get a-la-carte shows through the TFC.tv website.

Alternately, you can get the TFC Channel through DirecTV, Dish Network, Optimum and a few other cable/sat providers. However, with these subscribers, you need to subscribe to one of their cable/satellite packages and then add-on the international TFC option. And you have more limited channel offerings and functions as compared to TFC Video-on-Demand.

But there are not official deals or arrangements with internet-based set-top-box devices like Roku or Apple TV. Even the TFC apps don’t work properly when people try to install them through those devices – TFC apps are designed for subscribers to access content via their phone or web browser, and Roku/Apple TV don’t use unfiltered web browsers.

The Better Answer is YES

So what can you do? If you already have Roku or Apple TV then you are familiar with plugging/unplugging of HDMI cables and switching your TV’s input connections back and forth. You do this when switching from your regular cable, DVD/Blu-ray player or other connected devices.

Well, we’re recommending you simply add one more device (TFC Video on Demand) – BUT – alleviate all that switching by buying a 3rd party HDMI “switcher”. These types of devices allow you to plug one or more set-to-boxes into it, and switch between the devices without unplugging cable.
HDMI switcher unit

While you may not be able to get The TFC Channel on your Roku, Apple TV or FireTV device, you don’t have to be without TFC. Get the best deal and the most features by subscribing to TFC Video on Demand – plus purchase an inexpensive HDMI switcher – and you’ll be sitting back bouncing between Roku and TFC easily. Amazon offers HDMI switchers here.