She's The One Filipino Film
The cinematic hit from the Philippines “She’s The One” is now playing on TFC Pay-Per-View through February 11. Order any package today for access to Filipino pay-per-view movies.

“She’s The One” stars Bea Alonzo, Enrique Gil and Dingdong Dantes.

Watch a preview of the Filipino film “She’s The One”:

ABS-CBN had this to say when the movie was released last year:

Dingdong Dantes and Bea Alonzo portray best friends with a history of “tonsil hockey” in their first co-starring stint, as seen in the debut trailer for the Mae Cruz-helmed project…

In an apparent reunion, where Wacky and Cat bring their respective dates, the pair’s past is brought up with the mention of “tonsil hockey.” Wacky and Cat proceed to argue who kissed who at the time.

While the two remain friends, Cat is seen forming a close relationship with a character portrayed by Enrique Gil. This appears to motivate Wacky to show his true feelings for his best friend.