If You Purchased a Filstreambox, You Are the Victim of an Illegal Scam

If you’re wondering, “Is Filstreambox legal?”, the answer is No. The Filstreambox illegal scam has been shut down. In March 2017, the owner of filtreambox.com was arrested in China for illegal streaming of copyrighted TFC content.

ABS-CBN/TFC wants to offer any victim of this scam a FREE 1 month subscription to our official TFC streaming box. Use the promo code “STREAM” and we’ll match your subscriber name to Filstreambox subscribers lists to verify.

We are 100% legal, authorized dealers for TFC, so you can be guaranteed our service is legal and you’ll be able to safely enjoy your favorite kapamilya shows. Check out our About Us page for any concerns.

Contact us with any questions – 602-538-7092 (Leona) – or click “Subscribe Now” at the top of our site and use promo code “STREAM“.

Filstream Box Scam FAQ

  • Why am I no longer receiving the ABS-CBN signal on my box?
    The Filstream owners and operators in China were arrested by the Shenzen Police recently for infringing copyrighted movies and TV shows produced by ABS-CBN. Their factory was programming Filstream pirate boxes of ABS-CBN movies and TV shows for sale internationally under the Filstream brand. This is illegal and is a crime. You are using an illegal box that is streaming pirated copyrighted content.
  • But why am I still getting signals from other channels in the box?
    ABS-CBN can only pursue legal action for its own content.
  • Did I not purchase my box from authorized distributors?
    These are not authorized official distributors of ABS-CBN content. You can only legally get ABS-CBN content outside of the Philippines on official TFC platforms like we sell on this site.
  • Am I also being held legally liable for owning this box?
    No you are not, however those who distributed these boxes will be.
  • Why is ABS-CBN charging for free content from the Philippines?
    First of all, most people in the Philippines have cable and, thus, the ABS-CBN content is not “free” because of the monthly cable fees.
    Secondly, those not living in the Philippines need to pay a monthly subscription fee because ABS-CBN spends millions of dollars each year on technical costs and governmental taxes to bring you its content worldwide.
    ABS-CBN is committed to bringing its content to Filipinos and their families throughout the world. The small monthly subscription fee is a small price compared to the large cost of personnel and technical support that ABS-CBN pays to bring you its content. At the same time, ABS-CBN is committed to bring to justice all those pirates who steal ABS-CBN’s content and make money off the content without ABS-CBN’s permission. It is a direct violation of copyright and trademark law and ABS-CBN will continue to seek those pirates out and have them punished.
  • Can I just dispose or throw away the Filstream box?
    You can also personally dispose of the illegal Filstream box.
  • I saw a message on Filstream that you’re offering one month FREE subscription of TFC. How do I avail of this?
    We will give you our legal TFC box and a one-month FREE subscription to any package (see packages here). This means you can watch all shows in your chosen package at no cost to you. After one month, continue watching the best Filipino shows with top quality signal at very affordable monthly subscription fees.
    Call us with any questions – the number is at the top of our website
  • Can I keep my Filstream box while I subscribe to IPTV or TFC.tv?
    We just want to repeat that Filstream and its box is an illegal scam. Continuing to watch illegal content is illegal. We recommend that you exchange the box for a legal TFC offer or just throw it away.
  • What happens after the one-month FREE subscription?
    You will be charged the regular monthly subscription fee depending on the package you chose (for IPTV). Billing will depend on how you opted to pay your monthly subscription fees for subsequent months. If you provided your credit card information, or your ACH account, said account will automatically be debited every due date. If you opted to be billed, the billing statement will be mailed to your address.
  • Can I cancel the TFC subscription anytime?
    There is a 1 year subscription contract. You will be billed monthly subscription after the first free month. If you choose to cancel before the 1 year contract ends, there will be a pre-termination fee of $125.

Leona Sala, authorized TFC dealer